Sagaponack Common School District is committed to excellence in education


The Sagaponack Common School District and its community are committed to the belief that all children have the right and should be provided the opportunity to achieve excellence in educational pursuits. The District is to educate students in the values, critical skills, and essential knowledge necessary to be informed and responsible citizens, prepared to take the next steps in their education, careers, and lives in our diverse society.


The vision of the Sagaponack Common School District is educating each child in a unique setting that helps foster bright and independent life-long learners. 


We use the following programs for our core curriculum:

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Faculty & Staff


Mr. John J. Finello

Superintendent of Schools
(631) 537-0651

Mrs. Jeanette Krempler

Secretary to the Superintendent/
District Clerk
(631) 537-0651

Mr. Robert Doyle

District Treasurer/
Business Official
(631) 537-0651


Mr. Terry Scammell

Lead Teacher/PE Teacher
BS Elementary/
MS Special Education
2003 to Present

Mrs. Katherine Lombardo

Elementary Teacher
MS Elementary and
Special Education
2015 to Present

Mrs. Yvonne Velasquez

Teacher Aide
Foreign Language Consultant
2017 to Present

Mrs. Virginia Baer

Art Teacher
2023 to Present

Mrs. Angela Kiang

Technology Teacher
2018 to Present

Ms. Abigail Fleming

Music Consultant
2017 to Present

Mrs. Maria DiScipio, R.N.

School Nurse
2011 to Present

Mrs. Elise Duryea

Speech Pathologist
2001 to Present

Dr. Edward Vinski, Ph.D.

School Psychologist/
CSE Chairperson
2013 to Present

Frequently Asked Questions

The Sagaponack School has a long tradition of providing a quality education. Low student-to-teacher ratios are the cornerstone of our program. Students enjoy the benefit of a personalized education where their unique needs are met through a challenging, age-appropriate curriculum. Students also participate in special subject areas that stimulate student creativity and expand their knowledge base.  Our dedicated faculty and staff work closely with parents to maximize student learning. Being small certainly has its advantages. 

Each year the Sagaponack Board of Trustees reviews enrollment, both actual and projected, and determines if there will be enough space to enroll non-resident students. Those interested in learning more about this opportunity, please feel free to contact the District Clerk at (631) 587-0651.

We offer our resident parents of third grade students the option to enroll their child in one of three area school districts. We pay tuition costs and provide transportation to and from the school of choice. These school districts, in alphabetical order, are as follows: Bridgehampton UFSD, East Hampton UFSD and Sag Harbor UFSD.

We are proud to share that we are a wireless school that supports two SMART Boards and Chromebooks for each child. We have adopted a one-to-one Chromebook initiative where students have access to a Chromebook for use while at school and are also assigned another Chromebook for use when at home. Assignments may continue seamlessly between school and home while students gain confidence and skill when using a computer.

Our entire staff has prepared for the possible move to remote learning by participating in professional learning workshops using GOOGLE Classroom. We also use GOOGLE Classroom to help maximize academic time during the day and to enhance assignments when students are at home. As an added benefit, the school districts that receive our students after third grade all use GOOGLE Classroom…making this part of the transition quite seamless. Finally, implementing GOOGLE Classroom makes it possible for more effective communication between the school and home.

We have expanded our winter time Physical Education program by looking within our community to provide for other health and fitness opportunities for our students. Whether in-person or virtual, some of these activities include: Hip-hop dancing, ice-skating, swimming, tennis and yoga.  


Our History

Many families have had multiple generations graduate from our little red school house.

A list of every teacher who has graced our halls from 1886 to the present hangs on our wall.

In September, 1712, Southampton town was planned and divided into 15 school districts. Sagaponack was to be school district number 10.

The first school in Sagaponack stood on the east side of Sagg Main Street on property owned by Caleb Pierson in 1776. It was only one story high and measured 20 feet by 25 feet. The building was covered with long cedar shingles, it had 1 door and 2 windows on each side of the building. The classroom was heated by a fireplace. The desks were built around the sides of the room. The children sat on a hard bench which they had to climb over in order to sit at their desks.

After many years it was decided that Sagaponack needed a newer schoolhouse. All the men of the town met at the old schoolhouse to begin work on a new building. The men started to build the new frame and were about to put it up when a next-door neighbor by the name of Lemuel Haines told them to stop. Mr. Haines did not want the schoolhouse next door to him. He was afraid that if the schoolhouse caught fire, it would spread to his house and barns. The men of the town carried the frame across the street and set it up on common land. This second schoolhouse really stood in the street between the two roads. Many times the children were seen playing in the road because there was no room for a playground. In 1885 this second schoolhouse was sold to Charles Fooks who moved it to his farm on Parsonage Lane. Mr. Fooks later sold the building to Wainscott where it became their schoolhouse.

The third and last schoolhouse, which is the current building, was built in 1885. The property was sold by Henry Topping for $300.00 on October 28,1884. The schoolhouse was built by John B. Hedges. The schoolhouse was one room and heated by a coal stove which stood in the center of the room. The teacher was Harriet Hedges and the trustee was W. Wallace Hildreth. About 1920 the building was enlarged and another room was added. 

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