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2020/2021 school year questions answered

“Pursuant to New York State Department of Health guidance, schools must ensure that appropriate social distancing (i.e.; 3 feet/barriers) is maintained between individuals while in the school building and on school grounds unless safety or the core activity requires a shorter distance.” At our classroom sites, desks will be placed 3 feet apart and polycarbonate/acrylic barriers will be placed on desk/table tops. When 3 feet social distancing cannot be maintained, all students and staff will be wearing masks/face coverings.

As mentioned in our Reopening Plan, we contract with the Sag Harbor UFSD for the transportation of our students. According to the Sag Harbor Reopening Plan…”Disinfectant wipes will be provided to each bus so that they can be wiped down during and between bus runs. The buses will be equipped with gloves, sanitation spray, and towels for deep cleaning after each morning and afternoon run.”

Yes, the bus driver will have a new mask for the child to wear and they will be able to board the bus.

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